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Church of England Primary School

Who's Who

Teaching Staff


Mrs Rebecca Keitch              Headteacher


Mrs Gemma Sime (Mondays - Tuesdays)

Mrs Katie Crouch (Wednesdays - Fridays) 

Class 1 teacher

Mrs Rebecca Elliott (Mondays - Wednesdays)

Mrs Rachel Omar (Thursdays - Fridays)

Class 2 teacher
Mrs Niomi Clyde Roberts

Assistant Head

Class 3 teacher 

Mrs Apryl Brincklow Class 4 teacher
Mrs Lucy Weaver Music Teacher
Mrs Dianna Bishop SENCo



Learning Support Staff


Mrs Sarah Styles Class 1 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Theresa Cullum Class 2 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Tracey Cutts Class 2 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Jacky Platt

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Class 3 support

Mrs Angela Donnelly

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Class 4 support

Mrs Gayle Haynes

Class 4 Learning Support Assistant

Intervention programmes

Miss Katherine Hill 1:1 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Michelle Fincken

1:1 Learning Support Assistant



Office Staff


Mrs Denise Thompson Business Manager
Mrs Jennie Thorington Administrative Assistant






Support Staff


Mr Mark Stacey     Caretaker
Ms Sara Allen  Unit Catering Manager
Mrs Gill Leeder Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Jackie Sandell Midday Assistant
Mrs Tracey Taylor Midday Assistant
Mrs Christine Dykes Midday Assistant
Mrs Kaye Mitchell Midday Assistant
Mrs Karen Rose Midday Assistant