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KS1 Parent Reading Meeting - 9.11.22 and 16.11.22

This half term has been very busy in Pathfinder’s class; our Dimensions topic ‘Inter-Nation Media Station’ has allowed the children to explore the history of radio and TV. We have spent lots of time talking about our favorite TV shows and sharing why we like them. We have role played ‘news round ups’ and interviews and have practiced how to ask questions. This linked in brilliant with our English story ‘Look Up!’ where we practiced these skills acting as the ‘press’ interviewing our main character ‘Rocket’. We loved using the microphone and having our special ‘PRESS’ badges for this job. We wondered what kinds of questions the press would ask Rocket. We thoughts of some great questions and practiced asking them. We used our press badges and our microphone to perform our conference.


In our Maths learning, we have been working on the place value of numbers. Year 1 have been concentrating on numbers up to 10 and understanding what 1 more and 1 less means. We have used our counters, tens frames and dice to help us use these skills practically. In Year 2, we have been concentrating on larger two digit numbers. We made the number using the base 10 and then practiced partitioning it using our part whole models.  We explored the different ways we could partition the same number. We are looking forward to lots more learning next half term. 

Half term learning Autumn 1