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Giant Swing


Wednesday: feeling confident

Today has been an even more action packed though noticeably calmer day on our Bawdsey Manor residential trip. Whilst some of the children have been out in the woods building tents, carving pointed stakes and making fire, others have been tackling the challenge course.


All three Navigators groups had a splendid game of capture the flag, featuring a lot of hot red faces and some moments of true heroism by some of the children (and perhaps one or two of the adults). The games culminated in contest with the children on one side and the adults on the other - and I am certain the children will all confirm that the adults won easily(!!)


Archery was particularly popular, and it was fantastic to see the children finding the knack and improving their aim so quickly. Another hit was the sensory trail, in which the children had to tackle yet another obstacle course - only this time wearing blindfolds.

Tuesday: Settling in at Bawdsey

Today was our first full day at Bawdsey Manor, and one of them most memorable activities of the day has been abseiling, in which the children have shown plenty of bravery and determination. There were some who said they couldn't do it, but then did; and there were some who enjoyed it so much they came back for another go!


Other activities were raft building, which required teamwork and ingenuity, as well as a willingness to get wet; passport to the world, which was all about exploration and general knowledge about the countries of the world; and the coastal walk! This was a great chance for the children to learn all about the history of Bawdsey Manor, as well as discover the secret gardens that pepper the estate.


It has been wonderful to see formerly shy children come right out of their shells, and others trying things they may have never even thought of before.

Whole Class Activity: Passport to the World


Coastal Walk

More photos from Monday

Monday: the Adventure Begins!

After an emotional farewell at the school gates this morning, the children began their exciting adventure to PGL Bawdsey Manor.

In high spirits, they enjoyed their first exciting activities this afternoon - Climbing and Orienteering.  Despite some initial nerves, many of the children successfully completed the climbing challenge.

Following a visit to the shop to stock up on provisions (ie sweets!) we made our way to the dining hall for our first meal of the week.  The verdict:  '10 out of 10!' - the piri-piri chicken was a big hit (William:  "That's the nicest thing I've ever tasted!") and the meatballs went down a storm too (Freddie:  "Best meatballs ever!") and the chocolate cake was to die for.

After dinner, the children took their bags to their dorms and made themselves at home.

As I write this, they are with our group leader taking part in their evening entertainment, 'Splash'.  

They have had a full day of activities and will be ready for their beds soon (we hope!).