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We aim for our pupils to value diversity, understand the roots and importance of cultural heritage and to behave in a respectful and tolerant way towards others, regardless of faith, ethnicity or background. We actively and explicitly promote cross-cultural friendship, respect, tolerance and understanding through the Dimensions ‘Learning Means the World’ curriculum.


By the end of Navigators Phase, pupils will be able to define and identify the characteristic features of culture and understand why cultural diversity is important. They will be able to talk about the features of a range of different cultures from around the world, explaining some of their similarities and differences. They will also learn how culture affects perception and influences behaviour.


This document gives more information about the Culture strand of the Dimensions curriculum and why we believe it is so important:

As children move through the school, they develop Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge linked to Culture:


Pathfinders (KS1):               Respect individuals


Adventurers (Lower KS2):  Show understanding


Navigators (Upper KS2):     Develop tolerance


This document outlines the key Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for each phase of learning:

This document shows where the theme of 'Culture' appears in our Dimensions curriculum: