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At St George's, we believe that high quality children's literature should be at the heart of teaching and learning in English.  We therefore use the CLPE Power of Reading resource to plan and deliver our daily English lessons for Y1-6.  You can find out more about the Power of Reading by following the link below:

Power of Reading is an evidence-based approach to planning a literacy curriculum which develops reading comprehension and writing composition, and fosters a whole school love of reading and writing.  Follow the link to the CLPE Power of Reading Impact Report 2023:

Our Power of Reading teaching units are between 3-6 weeks in length.  Each unit is centred around a high quality text and addresses core reading skills and strategies, such as prediction, skimming and scanning, summary, inference and deduction.  The plans focus on specific language features and grammatical structures of texts which are then transferred to the children's independent writing.  Grammatical concepts and terminology are highlighted in reading, taught and applied in writing.


This diagram provides an overview of the Power of Reading teaching units (click on the images to expand):


Examples texts: Explorers (Reception/Year One):

Example texts: Pathfinders (Year One/Two)

Example texts: Adventurers (Year Three/Four)

Example texts: Navigators (Year Five and Six)