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We have identified developing excellent communication skills as a priority for equipping our pupils for the future. Our curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils to develop their language and vocabulary, helping them to articulate their learning, express their thinking and opinions clearly in discussion, debate and presentation, as well as enabling collaboration and exchange of ideas. We want our pupils to use a wide range of communication tools as a means of increasing confidence, developing self-regulation and nurturing their critical thinking skills.


By the end of Navigators Phase, pupils will be able to communicate in ways that build and maintain positive relationships through focused listening, confident speaking, sharing ideas and explaining clearly. They will know how communication has developed through time and the chronology of technology, now our current main means of communicating. They will also learn how to communicate in an assertive way, avoiding conflict through mutual respect.


This document gives more information about the Communication strand of the Dimensions curriculum and why we believe it is so important:


As children move through the school, they develop Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge linked to Communication:


Pathfinders (KS1):               Talk Confidently


Adventurers (Lower KS2):  Exchange Ideas


Navigators (Upper KS2):     Explain Clearly


This document outlines the key Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for each phase of learning:

This document shows where the theme of 'Communication' appears in our Dimensions curriculum: