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Church of England Primary School

Our Curriculum

At St George's we aim to provide a curriculum which is engaging, dynamic and challenging.  We plan thematic units of work which will appeal to children's interests whilst also broadening their horizons and teaching the content of the National Curriculum.  Our focus on core subjects is rigorous and thorough to ensure that every child is given the best possible opportunity to meet or exceed the expectations of the National Curriculum.


When planning a unit or work, we ask the following questions:

  • What are the opportunities for involving the local community / area?
  • What are the opportunities to promote and explore our core values?
  • How can links be made to the Church and spirituality?
  • What links can be made to the English curriculum so that writing is for a meaningful purpose?
  • What links can be made to the Maths curriculum so that pupils have the opportunity to apply and transfer their mathematical skills?
  • What opportunities are there for educational visits / visitors?
  • How can Growth Mindset be taught and promoted?