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The Dimensions curriculum puts sustainability at the heart of the curriculum, employing a more structured approach to developing environmental awareness and appreciation, not just at local, but also national and global levels.


By the end of Navigators Phase, pupils will be able to define conservation, outline key areas e.g. biodiversity and understand why it is such an important world issue. They will learn how we can live more sustainably, understanding the importance of natural resources and renewable energy. On a personal level, they will learn how they can make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint and behaving in a more environmentally responsible way.


This document gives more information about the Conservation strand of the Dimensions curriculum and why we believe it is so important:

As children move through the school, they develop Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge linked to Conservation:


Pathfinders (KS1):               Be thoughtful


Adventurers (Lower KS2):  Develop global awareness


Navigators (Upper KS2):     Think big


This document outlines the key Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for each phase of learning:

This document shows where the theme of 'Conservation' appears in our Dimensions curriculum: