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We believe that life skills should be taught throughout the curriculum and an understanding of responsible, respectful behaviour is an important aspect of learning. Having a developed understanding of sources of conflict and recognising the impact that conflict can have on relationships at a personal, local, national and international scale, we believe, will make a difference to their own choices. We want our pupils to be able to independently manage conflict, whenever it may arise, in a constructive, timely manner. Through this curriculum we believe we can provide our pupils with strategies to deal with conflict issues in a positive way.


By the end of Navigators Phase, pupils will be able to define conflict and explain the key reasons as to why conflict exists. They will also be able to give specific examples of conflict, both past and present, on a local, national and global scale. On a personal level, they will learn how to handle disagreements constructively and resolve their differences peaceably.


This document gives more information about the Conflict strand of the Dimensions curriculum and why we believe it is so important:

As children move through the school, they develop Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge linked to Conflict:


Pathfinders (KS1):               Be responsible


Adventurers (Lower KS2):  Keep the peace


Navigators (Upper KS2):     Stop fighting


This document outlines the key Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for each phase of learning:

This document shows where the theme of 'Conflict' appears in our Dimensions curriculum: