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Lockdown 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown 2020

During the 2020 lockdown, we celebrated our 'Stars of the Week' remotely.  The certificates were emailed home and parents were invited to print them out and submit a photograph of their child for the website.  This was a lovely way to celebrate the wonderful work going on in homes during the school closure period and maintain our sense of community.

We also shared resources to celebrate events such as VE Day and St George's Day.

Stars of the Week 21.07.20

Alfie M, Andrew S, Ava D, Emelia E, Hugo P, Jasmine S, Poppie U and:

Stars of the Week 07.07.20

Anabel T,  Harry B, Harvey D, Liam D, Riley J, Sebastian L, Tabitha P and:

Stars of the Week 30.06.20

Alfie W, Ben W, Bobby B, Emily B, Frankie W, Maddie B, Cherish L and:

Stars of the Week 23.06.20

Lillie, Sienna, Stuart and Millie and:

Stars of the Week 23.06.20

Layla B, Millie B, Zach B, Freddie B, Josh C, Matthew H, Violet L and:

Stars of the Week 09.06.20

Bailey, Megan, Freya, Beatrix and:

Stars of the Week 19.05.20

Emily, Tulip, Millie and:

Black Lives Matter Resources

Here are some links to websites and resources you may find useful to support discussions with your children about the recent events in the US and the subsequent protests around the world.


KS2 Quizzes

On Friday 15th May, I organised three KS2 quizzes. One for Class 3, one for Class 4 and a Family Quiz. Both the class quizzes had rounds on Topic, Geography and General Knowledge. It was lovely to see lots of you and wonderful to hear you all chatting to each other. The Family Quiz first round was General Knowledge, separate questions for adults and children. The second round was a house scavenger hunt, the children had to collect fourteen items. In the last round, a member of the family had to be dressed up with the items. There was a lot of laughter and as you can see from the photos some very interesting outfits.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Hopefully I will be running another quiz soon, so please keep checking your ParentMail.

Stay safe and well everyone.

Jacky Platt


Stars of the Week 12.05.20

Isobel O'S, Hollie W, Isabella R-L and:

Stars of the Week 05.05.20

Isyla Sadler, Ellis Pittard and:

Wellbeing Resources

VE Day 75th Anniversary

8th May 1945 was declared a public holiday to mark the end of the war in Europe.  This is now known as VE Day (Victory in Europe) and this Friday is a bank holiday to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Have a look at some of these resources to find out more about VE Day and to plan your own VE Day celebrations.

St George's Day

St George's Day is on Thursday 23rd April.  It is a very special day for our school.

Here is everything you need to hold a St George's Day service at home!

St George's School Song

Friday 20th March 2020


Today we said au revoir to our school friends, as the school closed for the foreseeable future.  During assembly we sang and danced to We Are One, from iSingPop.  Please watch the video below.


Until we see you again stay safe.


Best wishes


St. George's Staff


Still image for this video