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Stars of the Week 21.07.20

Alfie M, Andrew S, Ava D, Emelia E, Hugo P, Jasmine S, Poppie U and:

Stars of the Week 07.07.20

Anabel T,  Harry B, Harvey D, Liam D, Riley J, Sebastian L, Tabitha P and:

Stars of the Week 30.06.20

Alfie W, Ben W, Bobby B, Emily B, Frankie W, Maddie B, Cherish L and:

Stars of the Week 23.06.20

Lillie, Sienna, Stuart and Millie and:

Stars of the Week 23.06.20

Layla B, Millie B, Zach B, Freddie B, Josh C, Matthew H, Violet L and:

Stars of the Week 09.06.20

Bailey, Megan, Freya, Beatrix and:

Stars of the Week 19.05.20

Emily, Tulip, Millie and:

Black Lives Matter Resources

Here are some links to websites and resources you may find useful to support discussions with your children about the recent events in the US and the subsequent protests around the world.


KS2 Quizzes

On Friday 15th May, I organised three KS2 quizzes. One for Class 3, one for Class 4 and a Family Quiz. Both the class quizzes had rounds on Topic, Geography and General Knowledge. It was lovely to see lots of you and wonderful to hear you all chatting to each other. The Family Quiz first round was General Knowledge, separate questions for adults and children. The second round was a house scavenger hunt, the children had to collect fourteen items. In the last round, a member of the family had to be dressed up with the items. There was a lot of laughter and as you can see from the photos some very interesting outfits.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Hopefully I will be running another quiz soon, so please keep checking your ParentMail.

Stay safe and well everyone.

Jacky Platt


Stars of the Week 12.05.20

Isobel O'S, Hollie W, Isabella R-L and:

Stars of the Week 05.05.20

Isyla Sadler, Ellis Pittard and:

Wellbeing Resources

VE Day 75th Anniversary

8th May 1945 was declared a public holiday to mark the end of the war in Europe.  This is now known as VE Day (Victory in Europe) and this Friday is a bank holiday to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Have a look at some of these resources to find out more about VE Day and to plan your own VE Day celebrations.

St George's Day

St George's Day is on Thursday 23rd April.  It is a very special day for our school.

Here is everything you need to hold a St George's Day service at home!

St George's School Song

Friday 20th March 2020


Today we said au revoir to our school friends, as the school closed for the foreseeable future.  During assembly we sang and danced to We Are One, from iSingPop.  Please watch the video below.


Until we see you again stay safe.


Best wishes


St. George's Staff


Still image for this video

Day Four - Thursday 20th June 2019


Don't stop believing - this is what the children have gone to bed humming!


The sun shone all day and what a day we've had!


Quad biking, air rifles, crate stacking and orienteering. Every single child pushed themselves and achieved more than they could have expected.


Then, after lunch we had Jungle Gym, the last activity to decide which team would be crowned the winners:


Demon Reds - Team 1

Ant & Dec Pink Shrimps Shavers - Team 2

# Yellow - Team 3


Each team was supported and cheered on by their dynamic leader: Team 1 - Mrs Donnelly, Team 2 - Mrs Platt and Team 3 - Mrs Brincklow.


The games involved working as a team, encouraging each other and using their imagination.


At last the scores were in and the winning team is................................................................

we'll let your children tell you.  All we can say is that every child did their best and we are extremely proud of them. 


This evening we all strutted our steps at the disco and ended the day humming. All in bed, but not sure they are asleep!


Tomorrow brings a school challenge, packing and clearing our rooms before we depart for home.


Thank you for the privilege of taking your children away, we've had a blast.



Day Three - Wednesday 19th June 2019


The storm came overnight, Mrs Brincklow and Mrs Platt awoke in anticaption of the scared children - none came.  Well done Great Bromley children, you all slept through the storm (so did Mrs Donnelly).

After that, Wednesday morning started with a clear sky and refreshed children who enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes and fresh summer fruits - yummy!


The four actvities that the children took part in today were:


Climbing wall - all children had a go and used perseverance to complete their own aim.

Trust Challenge - the children were all blind folded and had to use their touch and trust to work their way around a challenge course.  Amazing team work and leadership skills were exhibited.

Bush Craft - If any of the children were stranded, they will now survive as they have learnt how to build a shelter and light a fire.

XP Challenge - As a team they had to complete a number of challanges, team work and leadership skills were put to the test. Tricky!


Tonight, as a treat, the children watched a movie - Mr Bean's Holiday and after that very busy day they are all now tucked up in bed asleep.




Day Three

Day Two - Tuesday 18th June 2019


The sun shone as two groups embarked on a morning of kayaking and raft building.  Children and adults took to the river in kayaks, embracing the fun to be had from the games played, where the aim was to not get wet - no one achieved the aim!

Raft building required team work to construct rafts that would float and keep it occupants from falling into the river and getting wet. Some of the children just couldn't help but enjoy the pleasures of being submerged in the river.


The third group spent the morning shooting arrows in archery and trusting their partner in low ropes. 


In the afternoon, unfortunately, the rain paid us a visit but the activites continued with the groups swapping round. The third group took to the river in kayaks and rafts - they definitely got wet!


This evening the race was on, as the three groups took to the fields in a navigation race (in the rain).  Mrs Donnelly was estatic, as her group won - espeically as she doesn't do rain.


After such a busy day all children took to their beds eagerly and without any resistance.

DAY 1 - Monday 17th June 2019


After a delayed start and impromtu game of rounders we eventually arrived at Finborough School.  Games in the sun were followed by a very needed lunch.


The afternoon activities included air rifles, quad biking, orienteering and crate stacking. Much fun was had by all and the children made the most of every experience and challenged themselves.


After a scrumptious evening meal we sang songs around the campfire and ate toasted marshmallows.


The children are now in their rooms snuggling down to what the grown-ups hope is a good nights sleep!


Night night, will update you again tomorrow.



Watch this space - details coming soon!

Residential 2017

Day 1

The children arrived safe and well.  The centre is amazing and is situated right next to the beach.  The facilities are fabulous with an Indoor ski slope, climbing wall and velodrome. Children are all settled and have enjoyed lots of activities already. 


Day 2 

All children had a good night and most were asleep by 11:15 pm.  Some of the children did not wake up until 7:30 am.  Today they have enjoyed skiing, archery, crate stacking, low ropes and team swinging. They are all having a great time.



Day 3

We've had a wonderful day. This morning we either went kayaking or sailing (not in the shipping lane as some of the photos may suggest). We have completed the rotations of archery, climbing, crate sticking and team work course. The groups have encouraged each other as they have faced and overcome their fears and worries. The food is excellent and there is plenty of it. The accommodation is clean and there are plenty of individual showers and toilets. The facilities here are excellent. We have had some enthusiastic and caring instructors. The children are all happy and having a great time.



Day 4