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Class 4

Home Learning for 16th October




Research periscopes. I know this was set two weeks ago but a few of you have not completed the work to an acceptable standard. This is a really important piece of research as it will help you with your hot write. Please find out about the first periscopes, different types, where they can be found, how they work, a diagram showing the mirrors, and any fun facts you can find. You must be able to explain how they work. This means no laser beam eyes! How does the light get reflected into the user's eyes?  


Deepening Understanding website . You should have a log in stuck in your book. Please follow the instructions and complete the work set for you. There will be a reading comprehension and grammar. It may have a different year group on. Don't worry about this. We have some lockdown gaps we need to fill. 


I I have added some new Mathletics for you to try if you get time after the other work or if for any reason you can't access the New Website. 


Please ask if you're not sure.


Mrs Brincklow

Home Learning for 9th October


Grammar Hammer

Arithmetic Paper


Home Learning for 2nd October 




Find out about periscopes. write notes in your green books.


Some children are trialling 'Deepen Understanding'. This is a new website that might be used for home learning in the future.   

Home Learning smiley

Ready for 25th September


Grammar sheet

Arithmetic paper. 




Home learning. 

To be handed in Friday 18th September 


Mathletics challenges. Children were all given codes on Friday and stuck them on the cover of a book that goes home. 


Creative Writing - A reflection on the first week at school. It could be a basic recount (a diary) or a more reflective piece. Try to include thoughts and emotions as well as fun activities. 


Spellings as usual



Welcome to the Autumn Term. 


It feels great to be back.It's a little different but we have all settled in quickly. We have started our topic 'Around the World' and are looking forward to our first visitors from Colchester United and the Tendring Ambassador project in the next few weeks. This really is my favourite topic. If you have any traditional items from other countries that you are willing to lend us that would be really helpful. The class set off on day 1 to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to set the scene for our class reader 'Refugee Boy' by Benjamin Zephaniah. 


Year 6 Leavers Assembly - Wednesday 22nd July 2020


Finally, the day arrived, the children of Year 6 would be leaving St. George's to move on to the next stage of their lives.  Unfortunately their last term was not what was envisaged for them.  Rather than dwell on what could not happen, it was decided to celebrate what had happened.  The children spent the morning at school: playing football rounders; sorting out their work and books; watching the memories video put together by Mrs Donnelly and having pizza for lunch.  


In the afternoon their loved ones came to school to enjoy a socially distanced assembly  on the field - luckily the weather was kind.  Each child was presented with their leavers hoodie, school pen set and their holding cross (from St. George's Church). Then, as each family left not a dry was to be had as we thought back over what an amazing group of children we were sending off to high school.


Year 6, have a fabulous summer, enjoy high school, make the best of the opportunities presented to you and be yourself always!


Best wishes


Mrs Brincklow, Mrs Donnelly, Mrs Haynes and the Staff of St. George's



A new Olympic mascot

A race to the finish line!

Still image for this video

Frog Olympics part 2

A athlete breaks the rules!

A slight deviation from the Frog invasion - an epic story completed by Bobby during home learning time.

Lego Olympics!

Still image for this video

Frog Olympics

Still image for this video

A Medal ceremony!

Olympic downhill event.

Still image for this video

The High Jump

Still image for this video

Frog Olympics 2020

Still image for this video

Live action from the pond!

Still image for this video

Crazy Frog - Axel F (Official Video)

Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus - We all stand together

Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus - We all stand together

The competitors are arriving!

Dear Class 4 

I hope you’ve had an unfrogettable few months of home learning.  This is toadily the last full week of work so let’s hop on! This week’s theme is ‘The Olympics’. We might have started in Ancient Greece but we’ve leaped on from there! You will start by creating your competitors. Hopefully you won’t need ribbets , just some straws and paper. Then you will enter the compondium of events. Make sure you follow the rules as you don’t want to be susponded! Send in your results for a medal winning opportunity!

To make our Olympic games more authentic we mustn’t froget mascots and logos. Follow the instructions to help with your design. I hope you are kermitted to this learning task.

Please film or use some stop animation in your learning this week if possible.

Don’t be a toad and miss out on this awesome last week.

I hope I haven’t frogotten anything!

You could create as many events as you like and really go mad with this task.

Have some froggy fun!

Mrs Brincklow


Congratulations to Evan R for being the first student to complete all of the Y6 tasks on Mathletics. You have worked so hard Evan. Well done. 

Tin foil Olympics!

Still image for this video

24 Word Stories

One day I saw a magnificent dancer. She was gliding with the grace of a twirling leaf but with the power of a missile. 


Every day Sam would wake up and go to school until one day she didn't wake up and was trapped in a dream. 


One day I learnt to ride my bike;I felt like a fizzy drink exploding. I love the cold wind rushing around my face. 



I was there when it happened, terrible, despicable, petrifying, like it was something that the world would not want to see. I was there...



Every morning Lilly would see her friends and hug them. One day she was forced to wave at them from the bedroom window. 



One day I went fishing, five minutes after arriving my rod bowed in anger and I hooked out a monster carp! My largest yet.



I'm paddling in Dedham. The sun is shining on my back as I paddle down the river.Nature surrounding me.Dragonflies fly past.



One day I saw my friend. The sun glistened in the sky like an exploding nebula. We rolled around having the time of our lives.



She loved her hair :long or short, straight or curly but as she looked in the mirror she no longer cared. 

Chemotherapy treatment.CANCER.   



One day my family played football. I laughed a lot;it was funny. I love letting my energy out like a Ferrari with friends. 

Evan R



Pots of Courage.

Information letter W/B 6/7/2020

Chair tag! Crazy loud game!

Creative work.

Catapults ! Y6

Home Learning Tasks Week Beginning 29th June 

An amazing recycling project from Deon!

Evan R's fantasy football team

Still image for this video
Can you name the footballer before Evan tells you? - Good luck

Home Learning Week Beginning 22.06.20



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

lego BB.mp4

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Home Learning Week Beginning 15.06.20


A science experiment

Still image for this video

A selection of your creative work.

Home Learning Week Beginning 08.06.20


Home Learning Week Beginning 01.06.20


Thursday 21st May 2020

Good afternoon


Please have a look at the work below.


Best wishes


Mrs Brincklow



Home Learning Week Beginning 18.05.20

Friday 15th May 2020

Good afternoon,


I hope you've had a great week. 


Please click on the Scratch file link below and have a look at Hollie's fantastic Scratch project about the heart. You should just be able to click on it and it will take you to Scratch

online.  If there are any problems let me know and Mrs Donnelly will sort it!


Remember to send me in your work and have a brilliant weekend.


Best wishes


Mrs Brincklow

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Dear Class 4


I hope you had a fantastic VE Day weekend, the weather was gorgeous.


Please look below at some of the amazing work I've had in over the past week, I am so impressed.


Have a good week and stay safe.


Best wishes


Mrs Brincklow

Home Learning Week Beginning 11.05.20

Home Learning Week Beginning 04.05.20

Friday 1st May 2020


Dear Class 4


Wow!  I have so impressed by the amount of work you have been doing, please take a look below. Keep sending in your work, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Donnelly and myself are loving looking at what you have done.


Have a wonderful weekend and keep safe.



Best wishes


Mrs Brincklow

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good afternoon Class 4


It has been amazing to see the large amount of work you have all been completing, well done  and keep up the good work.


Below are some of examples of what has been sent to us.


Missing you all and we hope you stay safe.


Best wishes


Mrs Brincklow, Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Haynes


P.S. Message from Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Haynes - We have been wondering "When will we see you again" and we suggest you "take one day at a time" and "keep on believing" that "we'll together again"!



Autumn 2019


This term, in Class 4, our topic has been Stone Age.  We started the term with a trip, to BarleyLands Farm, for an activity day based around Stone Age life. The activities included a talk on Stone Age animals; looking at the animals; making Stone Age bread and stew.  We came away with the bread and stew, which was helpful as we got stuck on the A12 for along time due to a traffic incident.


In class we have made Stone Age houses, working together in groups and using natural materials found in the school grounds.  We then experimented with different foods and tie-dying of fabrics.  We used red cabbage (adding vinegar and bicarbonate of soda as alkaline and acid), beetroot, turmeric and red onion.  Some of the results were amazing but unfortunately the school smelt  of boiled cabbage.