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Class 4

Autumn 2019


This term, in Class 4, our topic has been Stone Age.  We started the term with a trip, to BarleyLands Farm, for an activity day based around Stone Age life. The activities included a talk on Stone Age animals; looking at the animals; making Stone Age bread and stew.  We came away with the bread and stew, which was helpful as we got stuck on the A12 for along time due to a traffic incident.


In class we have made Stone Age houses, working together in groups and using natural materials found in the school grounds.  We then experimented with different foods and tie-dying of fabrics.  We used red cabbage (adding vinegar and bicarbonate of soda as alkaline and acid), beetroot, turmeric and red onion.  Some of the results were amazing but unfortunately the school smelt  of boiled cabbage.






Stoneage  1
Stoneage  2
Stoneage  3
Stoneage  4
Stoneage  5
Stoneage  6
Stoneage  7
Stoneage  8
Stoneage  9
Stoneage  10
Stoneage  11
Stoneage  12
Stoneage  13
Stoneage  14
Stoneage  15
Stoneage  16
Stoneage  17
Stoneage  18

Welcome to the Summer Term!


Now that SATS are over for our Year Sixes we can start to prepare for our summer production - Shakespeare Rocks! It is based on the diaries of William Shakespeare and is a great introduction to the famous bard. 


Our topic this term is the 'Maya Civilization' from Central America. It's a fascinating journey through rainforests and lost tribes via chocolate and pyramids. 


We will be studying life cycles in both plants and animals and think about ourselves as our bodies start to change. 


The highlight of the term - the residential!  A fun packed week of activities on the south coast. Please let the sun shine!







Welcome to Class 4!

Welcome to the Spring term!


This term our topic is 'Inventors and Inventions'. We will be studying inventions that changed the world. What do you think has been the most important invention ever?


Our science work will focus on electricity and light. This week we have invented batteries made from lemons to power LEDs.



We will also be studying the work of Leonardo da Vinci as an example of an artist and  inventor. So far we have measured our bodies and found that we are 'perfect' humans! We had fun creating Vitruvian Man parodies.

Trip to Colchester Castle

Trip to Colchester Castle 1 Year 6 built a roundhouse
Trip to Colchester Castle 2 Acting out the battle
Trip to Colchester Castle 3 Year 5 constructed a Roman Villa

Class 4 visited Colchester Castle in order to find out more about Roman life in Colchester. The day started with a trip into the vaults which were actually the foundations of a grand temple on the site. The temple was the scene of a devastating massacre of the Roman citizens by local armies. We listened to stories of great battles and even acted them out.

Later on we followed a trail round the museum and discovered Roman artefacts left buried in the town. We were especially impressed with the recently discovered Fenwick Collection. Finally we compared Celtic Roundhouses and Roman Villas. We were intrigued by the Roman central heating system.

Stem Club

Stem Club 1
Stem Club 2
Stem Club 3


We have looked at the design of Roman lamps and made our own versions from clay. We used olive oil to fill them and then experimented with different wicks. Unfortunately they smelt terrible (like fish).

We also tried to build our own Roman arches, some were more successful than others!


Dancing! 1
Miss Debbie Millar visited our class for a special hip hop/street dance lesson. Everyone joined in and had fun trying to remember the moves. Timber!

Mosaics (this one is from the castle)

Mosaics (this one is from the castle) 1
In our computing lessons we have been looking at tessellations with a focus on the work of M.C.Escher. We then looked at Roman mosaic patterns and used the computer to design our own mosaics. We then used ceramic tesserae to create very authentic looking mosaics on wooden tiles. Thank you to Mr. Hope for supplying and cutting the wood. The finished designs are amazing.

Squash at The Garrison

Squash at The Garrison 1
Squash at The Garrison 2
We have been fortunate to have had specialized squash instructors for PE this term. Last week to end the sessions we visited The garrison for a game on a real squash court. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyable. I was very impressed by the improvement of all the players.

As part of our computing curriculum, children are taught to use our school blog.  They have the opportunity to have their work published on line and blogging provides a worldwide audience for pupil’s work.  It is a fantastic opportunity for the children to get excited about writing.  

There is a space after each post to leave a comment.  You will need to provide your own email address in order to do this (email address is not published).  The children would love to have some positive feedback from a real audience.  


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Horrible Histories - Romans Come dine with me

From serie 2, episode 1