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Residential 2017

Day 1

The children arrived safe and well.  The centre is amazing and is situated right next to the beach.  The facilities are fabulous with an Indoor ski slope, climbing wall and velodrome. Children are all settled and have enjoyed lots of activities already. 


Day 2 

All children had a good night and most were asleep by 11:15 pm.  Some of the children did not wake up until 7:30 am.  Today they have enjoyed skiing, archery, crate stacking, low ropes and team swinging. They are all having a great time.



Day 3

We've had a wonderful day. This morning we either went kayaking or sailing (not in the shipping lane as some of the photos may suggest). We have completed the rotations of archery, climbing, crate sticking and team work course. The groups have encouraged each other as they have faced and overcome their fears and worries. The food is excellent and there is plenty of it. The accommodation is clean and there are plenty of individual showers and toilets. The facilities here are excellent. We have had some enthusiastic and caring instructors. The children are all happy and having a great time.



Day 4